jeudi 4 août 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 Day 4 / III

...and the last tag for today (its quite late here in Germany) :)
I tried the next technique called "Distress Crayon Watercolor Resist".
So far, my favorite one! I love watercolor ♥♥♥♥♥


I cannot wait until tomorrow to try another one...See you there!


Creative Chemistry 103 Day 4 / II

I tried another one using the technique "Distress Crayon Textured Resist".

Well, it's not exactly what I expected but it's still nice and I like really much the "contouring" effect!

I will try again using another stencil...
See you soon


Creative Chemistry 103 Day 4 / I

I made this tag using the technique explained by Tim Holtz on Day 4 (Creative Chemistry 103) and called "Distress Crayon Gesso Fresco"

© ChrisR

Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on a parcel with texture paste in it...I cannot explore all the techniques - but hey, I have fun anyway ;)

Have a wonderful creative day


mercredi 3 août 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 3/I

OMG, this new technique in creative chemistry 103 is so coooool - I couldn't resist and had to try it straight away. Here is my tag:

Distress layered collage ~ ©ChrisR
I had so much fun using Distress Crayons!

Have a nice evening!

Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 1 / II

Here is another tag using the technique "Distress Off-Set Stamping"...
I love this technique and if you like it too, you still have the opportunity to book the course here

I go back to my Craftroom to try another one ;)
Have fun!


mardi 2 août 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 - Day 1

I'm so glad to be here at Creative Chemistry 103, even if it is really challenging with a full time job. I have already watched all videos from Tim Holtz and started to try some new techniques. Here is my first tag using Distress DIY Ombré.

I will post some more tomorrow!
Have a nice evening...


vendredi 22 juillet 2016


pas facile de rester active avec mon blog. Là je vous présente mes ATC's depuis mars dernier...

Juillet 2016 - Travel


Juin 2016 - Mixed-Media - matchen erlaubt!

Mai 2016 - Steampunk


Avril 2016 - Häuser


Mars 2016 - Musik


Le thème pour le mois d'août est "Summer".
C'est promis j'essaierai de poster un peu plus régulièrement. A tout bientôt donc!